What a Ukulele Can Bring Into Your Life

Did you know the ukulele, the four stringed instrument out of Hawaii, actually came from Portugal and the Azores, from a similar instrument called - alarmingly - the 'machete'.

The 'jumping flea'/uke ('ook') brings smiles to everyone who hears it, and like the banjo, many songs are upbeat and catchy, making it an ideal instrument for beginners and advanced players alike. Beginners appreciate the easy chording and typical songbook format where the chords are displayed next to the lyrics; advanced players enjoy playing melody lines or learning the baritone uke, a bass key version.

So ukulele is one of the most social instruments to play in a group setting. Playing also enhances memory, improves coordination, better focus/concentration, a break from everyday stresses and gets people out together in a casual social setting without performance pressure, and a whole lot of fun and shared memory making.

We hope to see you in the circle!

Laurie McConnell